The Toronto Academy Scholarships for Students

Hazel Cryderman-Wees Foundation supports the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television. The Hazel Cryderman-Wees Foundation assists Canadian students pursuing education in the Creative and Performing Arts. Each year the Board accepts applications from students asking for financial assistance with tuition and accommodation. The foundation looks more favourably on those who intend to be creatively active rather than those who intend to follow an academic career.

For more information regarding this Foundation and how to apply please click on link.

The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation supports the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television. The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation is a nationally recognized philanthropic organization. Since 2004, the Foundation has continued to provide life-changing opportunities to Aboriginal People through the provision of financial grants. We have granted thousands of dollars to those in need right across the country. In a short period of time, we have made a huge impact in the lives of our applicants and in turn their communities. Today, we are one of Canada's leading charitable Aboriginal Foundations dedicated to providing talented, passionate and energetic youth and individuals the support they need today, to become tomorrows community leaders.

The Foundation addresses situations that are unique to the First Nations community and provides financial assistance to eligible applicants in the areas of: Arts and Culture Click on link

Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television is included on the list of approved Educational Entities and groups for Personal Credits which can be found at First Nations, Metis and all other non- inuit CEP Recipients may choose to pool their Personal Credits with other CEP Recipients or family members who have been transferred Personal Credits in a group Educational Service. Recipients may receive up to $3,000 for educational programs and services. Call 1-866-879-4914 for more information on personal credits.

American Scholarship Foundations Information

Film School will assist American students with a scholarship of up to $2,500.00. To qualify for the film schools scholarship please send an email to as to what the film school will require. For more information click here.

Below is a list of other Scholarships offered

CompanyContact InfoAmount
Hazel Cryderman Wees Foundation
(519) 672-7370
TBD by foundation
Accessible Media Inc 1-877-859-2737
2 awards for $5000
Walmart Canada Community Scholarship Program
Walmart Canada Scholarship Programs
No Contact Info $4000
TD Michaelle Jean Bursaries
Get invovled Jean Bursaries
1-855-626-8296 3 awards for $5-10k
Horatio Alger Ontario Scholarship Program
Horatio Canadian scholarships
(866) 763-9228 $5000
Kin Canada Bursaries
(519) 653-1920 ext. 215
35 awards for $1000
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
Terry Fox Applications
(778) 782-3057
20 awards for $7000
Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program
Earth Scholarships about us 20 awards for $5000
Sarah Beth Therien Memorial Scholarship
Canada Safety council scholarship $2500

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