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  • Scholarship for Canadian students in the film making and television production program

    Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television is pleased to state that the film school is a recipient of a scholarship by William F. White International Inc. and its owner, Paul Bronfman, in the amount of $3,000.00 for the school year and to have a new recipient each subsequent year.

    This scholarship is in honour of one of the greatest cinematographers of our time, Vilmos Zsigmond. Vilmos was a close friend and colleague of Paul Bronfman and William F. White Intl. Inc. Vilmos was nominated for many awards, one of which he received the Academy Award for best Cinematography for his fabulous work in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.

    This scholarship is intended for those students studying the art of cinematography and have the passion to become cinematographers in the future. To apply for this scholarship students must be accepted into the Academy's digital film making diploma program, must provide a copy of the Enrollment contract and be a citizen and permanent resident of Canada.


    The student must be a citizen and permanent resident of Canada, (unless outside of Canada for academic term).


    To be included with the application:

    1. Completed application including any supporting documentation
    2. Copies of transcripts of latest marks (please provide last year of secondary school and all post-secondary if applicable)
    3. Proof of enrollment in the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television digital film making and television production program
    4. Letter of Intent (maximum 500 words) that explains why you feel that you are the best candidate to receive this scholarship. You may make reference to information that you have included on your Biography form / financial need etc.
    5. An essay or review (maximum 500 words) of any Vilmos Zsigmond film, discussing the cinema graphic style used. This could be a review on how the cinematography enhances the story telling of the film or the technical aspects
    6. of the photography, such as lighting techniques, camera angles and exposure/coloring of the film. Specific scenes within the film can be referenced.
    7. Completed Biography (form attached)
    8. A Link to at least one production on Vimeo or You-Tube that you have a visible credit as a cinematographer, D.P. or camera operator.
    9. Signed Consent please obtain form from the Academy