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Toronto Academy Of Acting Comes to Hollywood
The Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television is now offering its Hollywood Film Acting Workshops as well as film acting programs to Los Angeles actors and students this summer in Studio City, Burbank, California.

This year, the highly respected and in-demand casting director David Kang of David Kang Casting will be partnering with the film acting school on their highly successful intensive film acting courses. Frank Caurso - Final DanceKang brings his extensive experience and resume to the affiliation with the Academy, including casting projects for Katy Perry, Dior (with Charlize Theron), Beyonce, and Lady Gaga (all within 2009 alone); he also has an extensive history of collaborations with Rushhour and X-Men director Brett Ratner.

The film acting school Hollywood Film Acting Program 2009 is comprised of part time programs for children & adults as well as a comprehensive full time three month film acting program for those ages 17 and up and have completed their high school training. In the summer the film acting school offers one or two-week film acting camp for ages 13 and up, a two-week film acting camp for ages 14 and a one-month film acting program covering four levels of training.

The acting schools Los Angeles branch, will be the acting schools second location. The acting school will be ready to admit students in September 2009 for its year round programs. This newest branch is to be lead by the acting schools Director, American film actor Kenneth McGregor, and will accommodate American, Canadian and other international acting students. The film acting schools current full-time International Film Acting programs have proven highly successful, hosting students from all around the world, including American students as well as students from the U.K., Australia, China, Germany, Poland, Malaysia, Africa, Switzerland, Italy, India and Russia.

"I am sure those who graduate from this film acting school and follow their teachings are going to comprise a successful group" says John Clark Smith, a parent of the Acting Schools student.
"My daughter is completing Level 1 of the Film Acting Schools program and I, or my wife, have sat in on most of the sessions with our daughter - and we are very impressed with the skills and wisdom that the school is giving her. Bravo!!!"
Shawn Davidson, a 16-year-old former student of the Academy, says, "I loved every minute of it. Thanks to your training, I got into a online series called "the living" as one of the main characters, and a role in a new television series coming next year called 'Elements',thank you for all of your hard work!"

Italy Student Manuel Di Poce who trained with the film school Winter 2009 is thrilled not only having an opportunity to come to Canada to train with the teachers but through the school's connection with various talent agents, one particular talent agent contacted the school to see if there were any authentic Italians from Italy training. Manuel was at the right place at the right time, he will have the opportunity to audition for the lead role "Orlando" for the upcoming Feature Film "Red Gold" to be directed by John Irvin, Producers Buskin Film to be filmed in Canada as well as Italy this summer 2009.

James Marshall - 1992 Gladiator

The school's instructors will include American film actor Kenneth McGregor, American Soap star Anthony Pena (The Young and the Restless) and American Film actor James Marshall (Twin Peaks, Gladiator, A few Good men) , as well as recognized as well as recognized Casting Directors such as Pamela Shea whose impressive credits as senior VP of Talent and Casting for spelling Television working for the most prolific producer of all time Aaron Spelling. Pamela was the Executive in Charge of Talent and Casting for Pilots and Episodic series such as Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed, Wanted, 7th Heaven, currently developing, producing and attaching talent to the feature film Red Gold, The Hive, Juiced.

The Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television presents its students with a challenging yet supportive atmosphere, offering an excellent opportunity to acquire the acting skills necessary to succeed in the film and television industry; training acting students from the amateur to the seasoned actor who needs ongoing advanced training.