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   Andrej Acin

The Film Acting School is pleased to have Andrej Acin join the Film School as Director for Film & Television.

From his early beginnings of his successful professional artistic career as a film producer on variety of film, music and television projects that he created during the past twenty-two years, Andrej established his well recognized highly artistic signature not only in Europe but worldwide. At the age of 17 he started as a multi awarded musician and film composer (Composer of the year in 2002) and over the time developed his professional craft and artistic skills to become one of the most influential directors and producers of a new film and television generation in Europe nowadays.
As someone who is highly experienced in high budget productions (directed 85 episodes of drama TV series JELENA 2004/.2005 and independent productions (won 9 international awards for best film directing) Andrej brings invaluable knowledge and experience to share with young directors, producers and actors taking their first steps in the film & television industry.

Toronto Academy of Acting welcomes Andrej as one of their new teachers.

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